Commercial Steel Door

  • Door leaf:
    Double rebated door lead with thickness 65 mm, with thick rebate
  • Lock:
    Steel fire-proof lock for two latch system, and face plate
  • Counter lock:
    Mortise steel fire-proof panic counter lock with locking shot bolts Up/Down for two latch system
  • Handles:
    Black PVC fire-proof handles
  • PVC cylinder:
    Temporary PVC cylinder with 1 key, easy change with cylinder by DIN
  • Auto-locking device​:
    Automatic locking for the passive leaf, in the upper part of the door frame
  • Coordinator:
    Coordinator for sequential closing of the door leaves
  • Passive protection:
    A steel spike on the door leaf towards the door frame, on the side of the hinges
  • Coating:
    Galvanized steel with electro-static powder coating in a standard colour gray RAL 7035
  • Corner frame:
    Standard corner frame, with molded assembly holes and welded flexible wall clamps for quick installation
  • Hinges:
    Steel fireproof hinges, welded to the door leaf, for heavy loads and intensive usage
  • Self-closing of the leaf:
    A self-closing hinge with a spring, for doors up to 80 kgs
  • Rubber seals:
    Rubber seals against cold gas, mounted in the groves of the frame, which increase the thermal and acoustic insulation of the door
  • Expanding gasket:
    Expanding gasket against hot gas is mounted on all four sides of the door leaf
  • Quick assembly:
    Easy to remove installation fixing lower profile

Options to be added

  • Ways of installation: 
    Door frames – flexible, multilateral and intended for quick installation: Corner frame with mounting plates, Corner framw with supporting plates, Monolithic closed frame, Block Frame
  • Variety of colors: 
    Customer choice door color by RAL
  • Self-closing devices: 
    Self-closing automation in accordance with the size and weight of the door wing, gray front stainless steel plate
  • Luxury accessories:
    High class fireproof handles made from aluminium and stainless steel, for intensive use
  • Anti-Panic mechanism:
    Anti-panic lock, Anti-panic latch, Anti-panic bar for the active and the passive door wing
  • Bottom leaf seal:
    The door leaf is ready for easy installation of bottom leaf seal. Anti-cold gases. Increased thermo and audio insulation.


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