VNA Pallet Racking

Product Feature:  
1. VNA pallet racking is an improvement of traditional selective pallet racking; it has all the advantages of standard pallet racking, like: stable structure,large load capacity,  convenient storage, easy access to all pallets and so on;
2. Narrow aisle can greatly improve warehouse space utilization by 20%;
3. VNA pallet rack makes optimum use of warehouse floor area and vertical space;
4. Guide rails are installed at both sides of the aisles,can effectively reduce the damage may caused by forklift operator;
5. VNA pallet rack is suitable to store goods with many types, large quantity, heavy weight and fast turnover.

Technical description:  
1. The aisle for VNA pallet rack is usual between 1.6m-2.0m, can improve the warehouse floor space utilization.
2. Height for VNA pallet rack can over 10m.
3. Guide rail can extend rack working life.
4. Special three-way forklift is used for VNA pallet rack.