Fire Fight Door

  • Khambati Furniture supplies steel doors that combine fire resistance with functionality without compromising any aspect of either. These steel doors types reduce the spread of fire and enable safe egress, in addition to offering the highest degree of compartmentalization. All of our doors are fitted in strong steel door frames which will increase the level of protection. Highly preferred in all types of buildings today, these doors offer safe and secure living and ease of movement. No other steel door manufacturers provide a service like K Furniture.

    As one of the largest door manufacturers in Karachi and Pakistan, we supply a superb selection of resistant doors that include features such as: panel fire, rated glass, internal fire, glazed fire, rated metal, minute rated and panel fire. Our fire rated doors will protect your property in the event of a commercial fire or exterior fire.

    As the number one door manufacturers in Pakistan, our selection of fire rated doors and fire proof doors are unmatched in the industry. We construct doors that comply with FAA flammability testing procedures.

    Fire doors must be fitted in strong internal fire door frames to ensure complete protection. K Furniture’s fire door and frame sets are unrivaled in the market as we are one of the top fire rated steel door manufacturers.

    Our Technical Team can assist you with the best advice and planning.


    Custom sizes are available (Contact our Technical Team to find out more about the maximum sizes available for fire rated door sets).


    Up to 120 minutes.


    Optional (Contact our Technical Team to find out more about the maximum sizes available for fire rated vision panels).


    Optional (Contact our Technical Team to find out more about the maximum sizes available for fire rated automatic louvers and the possibility of incorporating them).


    We provide a wide selection of handing as required for your fire rated steel doors.

    We will supply you with a fireproof door in strong fire frames with fire glass. Our company provides the following door types:

    • Metal Door
    • Interior Door
    • Fireproof Door
    • Exterior Doors
    • Commercial Door



    • Interior applications
    • Residential applications
    • Commercial applications
    • Labor camps
    • Warehouses
    • Government buildings



    • Polyester powder coated
    • Epoxy powder coated
    • Stainless steel

    Steel Stiffened Core

    Steel stiffened doors provide the highest durability and impact resistance. Steel hat sections vertical stiffeners extend to the full door height and are spot welded to face sheets. All spaces in between are insulated with mineral wool.


    • High impact applications
    • Frequent-use applications
    • Utility buildings
    • Commercial towers
    • Educational institutions
    • Healthcare buildings
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