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About Us

KFurnitures is very active in innovation and has strong capability to put the innovations into practice.

KF keeps deepening the roots for its core business in pallet and steel, and is devoted to integrate the related downstream industries to foster healthy development and international competitiveness of Pakistan’s steel related industry.

KF actively puts into practice its corporate value of teamwork, entrepreneurial approach, down-to-earth and pursuit of innovation, as well as its operational beliefs of promotion of social well-being, result orientation, implementation of teamwork, and emphasis on employees’ self-realization.

Competitive Landscape

A distributor's sales volume determines profitability because many costs are fixed. Large distributors benefit from economies of scale in purchasing, processing, and distribution.

Operations & Technology

Steel products are made from carbon or alloy, stainless, or specialty steels, and come in the form of sheets, plates, bars, rods, tubes, and structural items like rails and I-beams.

Production & Process

The stainless steel fabricating process allows stainless steel manufacturers to produce it in a variety of parts and forms. Let’s go over the steps of that process now.

Products Produced

A wide assortment of stainless steel products and shapes of stainless steel can be found at a steel service center.  

If the company performs extensive cold working, it may also invest in heavy machinery designed to process the specific types of steels maintained in its inventory. These facilities may rely upon presses and rollers in order to form steel into sheets. They frequently supply electroplating capabilities in order to plate products for customers.

Our Mission

KFurnitures makes products with better performance, improved safety and increased value.


Our Vision

To supply best quality Steel and pallets at best price all over the country.



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