Steel Almirah – Fire Proof

Steel Almirah – Karachi Pakistan. The fire protection cabinet has a double wall construction with a specially formulated fire resistent compound sandwiched in between. The sheet metal thickness has been maintained to a minimum to minimize the construction of heat and has been substantially reinforced at a vital places to withstand impact.

Poured cement insulating material forms a mololithic barrier and does not powder, Flake or break on curing.

The tongue and groov construction between the door and body jams prevent the passege of hot gases and flames in to the cabinet.

The door is secured to the body by means of eight shooting bolts i.e. three on each verticle side and one each on top and bottom, the movement of both is locked by specially manufactured- 6 lever dual control key lock with stainless steel keys in duplicate.

Special innovative designs to solve specific problems of various customers have converted this cabinet from a single purpose unit to a range of multi purpose fire resistant storage system.

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Steel Almirah – Fire Proof and Fire Resistant

K Furntiure (Khambati Steel Furniture) Karachi Pakistan