Diverse Range of Steel Almirahs: A Blend of Style, Functionality, and Security

  • August 26, 2023

When it comes to storage solutions, steel almirahs have long been favored for their durability, versatility, and security features.

From fireproof options to elegantly designed glass-paneled almirahs, there’s a wide range of choices to suit various preferences and requirements.

1. Fire Proof Almirah, Large (6 Ft Height) (ALF-1):

  • Features: Equipped with fireproof materials to protect contents from fire damage.
  • Benefits: Ensures safety of valuables, important documents, and critical items even in the face of fire hazards.

2. Sliding Almirah (ASS-1):

  • Features: Innovative sliding door design for space-saving and easy access.
  • Benefits: Ideal for areas with limited space, offering efficient storage without compromising on convenience.

3. Steel Almirah, 2 Partition (AL2-1):

  • Features: Divided into two compartments for organized storage.
  • Benefits: Enables systematic arrangement of items, preventing clutter and ensuring easy retrieval.

4. Steel Almirah, 2 Partition with 2 Drawer (AG2-1):

  • Features: Combines partitioned storage with two additional drawers for smaller items.
  • Benefits: Offers enhanced organization by accommodating various types of belongings.

5. Steel Almirah, 2 Partition with Glass (AG1-1):

  • Features: Features glass panels for a touch of elegance and visibility of stored items.
  • Benefits: Provides a stylish storage solution while allowing you to showcase prized possessions.

6. Steel Almirah, Large (6 Ft Height) (AL1-1):

  • Features: Spacious interior with ample storage capacity.
  • Benefits: Perfect for storing clothing, bedding, and larger items in an organized manner.

7. Steel Almirah, Large (6 Ft Height) (ALL-1):

  • Features: A larger version of the AL1-1, offering even more storage space.
  • Benefits: Ideal for households or offices with extensive storage needs.

8. Steel Almirah, Large with Glass (6 Ft Height) (AG3-1):

  • Features: Marries the spaciousness of the large almirah with elegant glass panels.
  • Benefits: Combines functionality and aesthetics, making it suitable for both storage and display.

9. Steel Almirah, Small (3ft Height) (AS1-1):

  • Features: Compact design for areas with limited vertical space.
  • Benefits: Fits seamlessly into smaller spaces while offering storage solutions.

10. Steel Almirah, Small (ALS-2):

  • Features: A variation of the small almirah with different compartment layout.
  • Benefits: Provides options for organizing and storing items according to your preferences.

11. Steel Almirah, Small with Glass (3 ft Height) (ASG-1):

  • Features: Compact size with glass panels for an elegant touch.
  • Benefits: Suitable for storing and displaying items in areas where space is a constraint.

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