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Adjustable Long Goods Storage System

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Whether it’s a plastic pipes, Wooden Planks or Metal rods – Cantilever provides an Ideal Storage method for long goods.

Storing long, often flexible products, presents its own challenges.

Khambati's range of cantilever solutions can meet your particular needs.

Our cantilever racking is available in a wide range of options, to suit the storage of any long goods, whatever the size or weight of the products. Dimensions can be altered to fit the height and length of your warehouse and make the most of the storage space available.

For unusual applications, fully customised solutions can be provided.

Khambati's modern cantilever racking offers robust storage solutions with high capacity, specifically designed for the storage of long merchandise. Suitable for manual, forklift truck, or crane handling. Fast installation allows for rapid improvements to your warehouse operation.

 If your needs change, Khambati cantilever racking can be easily adapted to your new requirements.

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