Locker – Fire Proof – Fire Resistant

  1. Staff Locker
  2. School Locker
  3. College Locker
  4. University Locker
  5. Employee Locker

Available in Karachi Pakistan

6 Door Laminate Office Lockers My 6 Door Laminate Office Lockers maintain a well-organised and professional image in the office. My six door staff locker that is made from laminate wood is to ensure durability and security. With my white, laminated finish I will complement any office design or office furniture without displaying any of the belongings inside. My double locker is ideal for maximum storage space as well as security for each individuals’ locker to ensure safety for items inside.

3 Door Laminate Office Lockers Hi, I am the 3 Door Laminate Office Lockers. I am ideal for any office space. My white, laminated wood will allow your office to maintain its style while still maximising storage space. With my timeless, simple style I can complement your existing office furniture and design while maintaining a professional look without all the clutter. With three door locks, I can give your office peace of mind with staff lockers that ensure durability and security of belongings inside.